Earn, edify &
inspire by becoming a Sittermom.
Are you a mother? Earn a living & make a positive impact by becoming a Sittermom.
Why should a mother become a Sittermom?
Earn upto £150 a day by hosting & taking care of kids in your spare time. Save the day by being a mother!
Get total control over your availability & preferences as a sittermom. We know how busy a mother can be.
Edify, mentor & inspire kids as a sittermom by helping them realize their full potential in areas that they are truly passionate about.
Pottiebee has you covered for any damages incurred during the sit. We truly understand that taking care of kids is no trivial task.
Advice & Support
Our support team is always there to assist & advice you on childcare and hosting.
We truly value the well-
being of every sittermom & hence, always have your back.
Organised Earnings
Your earnings from every sit are immediately wired to you through the app after the completion of the sit so you can do other things while we take care of the little things.
the period of time when a kid is hosted & taken care of by a sittermom
“You have a sit request to look after Lucy”
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