Our sittermoms come from an array of disciplines, each one original & creative in their own way, talented & knowledgable across a broad spectrum of things. Some are nurses, midwives, accountants, marketers, social activists, mathematicians, physicists, part-time workers, students, lawyers, doctors, engineers, writers, linguistic teachers, higher education lecturers, & stay at home mothers among many others. Yet they all share the same values & maternal instincts as every other mother with a passion for hosting and childcare.
3-Step Verification
All our sittermoms go through a 3-step verification process that is meticulously designed to validate the identity & authenticity of a sittermom. Other aspects that pertain to hosting & childcare are also validated such as the primary sit-space (the house of the sittermom), mode of transport for pickup & drop-off of the kid & so on.
Step 1
Only mothers who’re experienced at being mothers to their own children are allowed to be sittermoms. Who else is better qualified?
Step 2
We employ a fool-proof validation process during onboarding that is a combination of biometrics & AI powered identity checks that thoroughly verifies the background of every sittermom with over 180 government agencies. This is to ensure that any user with a criminal background or history of any type of misconduct is automatically disqualified and eliminated from the platform.
Step 3
The final step involves a visit from the Pottiebee team to the house of the sittermom to validate the sit space & the sittermom in person.
Quality Assessement of a Sittermom
We use an average of three scores (each one focuses on a certain aspect) that collectively assesses the quality of the whole experience of childcare provided by every sittermom.
Quality is the average rating given to a sittermom by all the parents of kids they’ve hosted & taken care of. If a sittermom gets less than 3 out of 5 stars for any three sits, it will result in her being automatically disqualified.
Reliability assesses the overall likelihood of a sittermom not canceling a request after accepting it. Hosting & taking care of kids is no trivial task and we therefore expect sittermoms to be well prepared and on top of things for every single sit.
Accountability assesses the overall likelihood of a sittermom accepting a sit request that is directed to her. Each declined ‘sit request’ by a sittermom delays the total time taken to find one. Hence to keep the total search time to less than 5 minutes we expect sittermoms to be accessible during their available hours. In other words, accountable to the availability they set as sittermoms as it’s upto them to decide when they’re available & when they’re not available.
The higher the overall score of a sittermom, the higher the number of sit requests directed to her by our AI powered algorithm. But if any one of the above three scores falls below the minimum required threshold for a particular sittermom, she will be removed from the platform. This model of assessment sets in motion a creative pursuit of quality & perfection for every sit. Gradually broadening the scope of sittermoms & the opportunities for every sit to be worthwhile.
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