Pottiebee was founded in 2017 with a vision to elevate & reinvent the normal structures of upbringing of kids, by leveraging technology. One that evolves to our changing times. We dream of a world that is more understanding of our children, where they can falter & learn without being criticised, but instead nurtured.
Our first step towards improving the upbringing of kids is making childcare quality-focused, convenient and accessible. It begins by empowering skilled, experienced mothers who’ve understood the intricacies of upbringing through motherhood, to make a living by hosting and taking care of kids. Although the definition of a ‘sittermom’ is not just confined to childcare but is more diverse & far-reaching. It embodies educating, engaging and inspiring kids. But at the same time, knowing that every kid is unique and rare. And who understands this ingenious rarity, better than a mother who’s felt it firsthand. Time to make a difference: one kid, one mother, one parent, one sit at a time.
The Team
We are a choir of complementing thinkers. Drawn together by a shared vision of an ecosystem that is more understanding & thoughtful towards how children are brought up & cared for.
Bernard Dark
Co-founder & Frontman
The visionary of Pottiebee. A mix of old school wisdom & modern perception.
Jana Horelicova
Co-founder & Strategist
A strategist whose insights come from an understanding that is pragmatic & novel.
Mandeep Rose
Co-founder & Designer
A designer who believes in sustainable shared experiences that transcend boundaries.
Crisan Raoul
Co-founder & Software Engineer
A coder whose code embodies a subtle character with a purpose so clear, like a flowing river.
Our Advisors
Charismatic pioneers who think big without forgetting the big picture. We’re lucky to have them as our advisors who believe in our cause.
Steve Leighton
Advisor, CEO at Voneus
Co-founded Keycom Plc in 2000
Prior to Voneus, Steve was in the role of Head of Communications Sponsorship at the Department of Trade and Industry.
Lara Menke
Advisor, Co-founder of CAIA &
Future Females London
Lara’s expertise include leadership profiling and development, top team effectiveness and talent strategy implementation.
Tania Smith Naess
Advisor, Co-founder of CAIA &
Future Females London
Tania has a deep understanding of personality, leadership assessment, and has developed culture and personality assessments for clients.
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