Quality childcare at your fingertips.
Go about your day knowing your kid is hosted & looked after by a mother aptly chosen to make your kid’s sit worthwhile.
Why you & your kid deserve Pottiebee?
A sittermom is a mother with a deep understanding of the up- bringing of kids & aptly chosen based on your kid’s interests.
Every parent should have access to childcare that is reliable & worthwhile to their kids.
Get a sittermom for your kid instantly with just three taps on your phone & leave the rest to us, that includes your kid being picked-up & dropped back.
If your kid has a science test, we’ll find you a mother who’s good at science! In other words, every ‘sit’ on Pottiebee is more than just a ‘sit’.
Trustworthy & Transparent
The parent & sittermom review each other after the completion of each sit setting a benchmark for quality childcare.
Personal, Easy & Efficient
Contact your sittermom any time & stay informed on what your kid is up to, so you don’t miss out on those precious ‘OMG’ or ‘LOL’ moments.
an experienced mother
“Every sittermom on Pottiebee is unique and devotes her time and attention to understanding and elevating the lives of kids she hosts & takes care of.”
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